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New MRI System Delivers Greater Patient Comfort, Faster Exams and Improved Diagnosis

Community Radiology NY is now offering patients the opportunity to experience significantly more comfortable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams with the recent installation of the Siemens Espree MRI . With its state-of-the-art scanning capabilities, the system affords patients – particularly those undergoing breast examinations – faster, more comfortable exams and higher quality results.

The NEW Sentinel Breast Imaging package available on the Siemens Espree includes advanced sequencing options that provide comprehensive implant and cancer diagn

ostic capabilities. These options include Dynamic Quick 3-D imaging, fat-free imaging, silicone-only imaging, water-only imaging and high resolution sequences. Patented Slice Selective Fat Free imaging technique ensures robust fat saturation that is needed to properly perform breast MRI procedures. Typically fatty tissue like the breast is difficult to image. However, with this technique, Community Radiology NY can obtain high quality images by separating out the fat tissue.

Other benefits include:

  • Bilateral, dedicated, breast coil, which provides enhanced resolution for kinetic analysis and lesion characterization.
  • Addressing the number one patient complaint with a very quiet system.

"We are thrilled to have the new Siemens system and its technology available to our patients," said Charles Piccinnini, President, Canal Street Imaging, Inc. "The system’s design makes it feel more open, and the quietness of the Espree during scanning is more calming for the patient, so we are able to alleviate many of our patients’ concerns with claustrophobia and overall discomfort during an MRI scan. And when the patient is more at ease, we have greater success with the scan and capture better images to make a confident diagnosis – allowing us to quickly determine the best treatment path for the patient."

The MRI environment is designed to improve the patient experience with new, exclusive patient comfort features. These highlights include an ultra-short bore platform, which offers greater openness for claustrophobic patients by minimizing the feeling of being inserted into a tube-like machine.

In addition to its patient comfort features and breast imaging capabilities, the services at Community Radiology NY will performs a wide variety of MRI exams including the latest state-of-the-art imaging techniques. For example, the system enables physicians to perform studies using some of the most advanced MRI applications available on the market today. This includes optional packages for brain and cardiac imaging, advanced chest and abdominal examinations, high-resolution imaging and off-center field-of-view skeletal imaging.

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