Non Contrast MRA Exams

Community Radiology NY Acquires MR Systems that Allow for Safer MRA Exams

With MR Technology from Siemens, Community Radiology NY Is Now Able to Complete MRA Exams Without Contrast and Ensure Safe and Effective Patient Exams 

Patients with renal insufficiency or who are concerned about the use of contrast during MRA exams now can visit Community Radiology NY for safer, more effective exams. Community Radiology NY has acquired the Espree 1.5 T High Field Open MRI that limits use of contrast during an MRA exam. Contrast-free imaging is particularly important because gadolinium, the common contrast agent used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) exams, recently has been directly linked to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis also known as nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NSF/NFD), a sometimes fatal disease that occurs in patients with renal insufficiency. According to a study by Yale University, 95 percent of the study’s NSF/NFD patient pool had received gadolinium within three months of the disease’s onset.

"With Siemen’s contrast-free imaging techniques, we now can perform MRA procedures and capture images superior to those acquired through techniques that require contrast agents," said Charles Piccinnini, President, Canal Street Imaging, Inc.. "We are proud to be able to offer this latest technology to our community."

 Unlike traditional Time of Flight Techniques commonly used in the MR market, FBI makes it possible to image the arteries and veins at the same time, but displays them separately, which allows physicians to more accurately diagnose diseases that may have both arterial and venous components. Techniques developed by Siemens allows for imaging of small vessels, making it possible to diagnose disease before it manifests in the larger vessels. By identifying the disease process early, prognosis is improved. 

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