Thyroid Ultrasound

Thyroid UltrasoundDefinition of Thyroid Ultrasound:

A thyroid ultrasound is a imaging procedure used to see the thyroid. The thyroid is a gland in the neck that regulates metabolism.

How the test is performed:

Ultrasound is a painless method that uses sound waves to create images of different organs, and other parts of the body. Color Doppler imaging can measure blood flow into and the outflow from the organ being tested, or within a particular blood artery or vein.


You will lie with your neck extended beyond its usual limit...hyperextended. The ultrasound technician will place lubricating gel onto your neck. Next, the technician will move a wand, called a transducer, over the area. The transducer gives off sound waves. The sound waves go through the body and bounce off the area being studied, in this exam the Thyroid Gland. A computer looks at the pattern that the sound waves create when bouncing back, and creates the images.

How to prepare for the test:

No special preparation is necessary for this test.

How the test will feel:

You should feel very little discomfort with this test. The gel may be cold.

Why is the test performed:

A thyroid ultrasound is usually done when you have a growth on your thyroid gland. The exam can help tell the difference between a sac containing fluid called a cyst, and abnormal tissue that may or may not be cancerous called a tumor.


Normal Values

The thyroid is of normal size, shape and position.

Abnormal Results

Findings may include the following:
  • Cysts
  • Enlargement of the Thyroid Gland. This is called Goiter.
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Tumors
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