Breast Ultrasound

Three GenerationsBreast ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique, using harmless, high frequency sound waves to form an image. During the exam, gel is spread over the area to be evaluated and an instrument called a transducer is placed against the skin, which translates images onto a monitor.

Breast ultrasound lacks the detail of conventional mammography, which is why it is not FDA approved as a screening tool for breast cancer. Instead, ultrasound is used to investigate an abnormality detected by mammography or during a clinical breast examination.

Ultrasound can distinguish between a fluid-filled cyst versus a solid mass, and is also used when evaluating masses on women under 35 with mammograms that are difficult to interpret. Breast ultrasound is also beneficial when studying breast abnormalities in pregnant woman, and when assessing leakage or rupture of breast implants.

In addition, breast ultrasound is an excellent tool for guiding needles during core needle biopsy, cyst aspiration, fine needle aspiration and needle localization before a breast biopsy.

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