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Exclusive: VERA Breast CT

Community Radiology NY is proud to announce the installation of New York Citys first Koning VERA Breast CT (KBCT) system. With a scan time of only 7 seconds per breast, the new KBCT technology is able to provide a quicker, more diagnostic, and more comfortable exam compared to traditional mammography procedures.

koning VERA avatar image.png


Follow-up investigation of anomalies found during a traditional mammogram subject patients to additional  imaging with another round of uncomfortable breast compressions. With the KBCT exam, patients needing a diagnostic mammogram can now opt for the ZERO COMPRESSION KBCT exam when ordered by their referring physician. Learn more about this exam: KBCT explained


When a patient has a finding that prompts further investigation via biopsy services, the KBCT can deliver unparalleled results. The Koning Vera Breast CT offers 3D guided biopsy measurements guided by X-ray. Our system offers a revolutionary diagnostic technique for breast imaging and CT-guided interventions, and can significantly improve the detection of breast masses and microcalcifications thanks to its high resolution and potential use for reconstruction. The average biopsy with out device can be completed in just 15 to 20 minutes. The two most important factors are targeting accuracy by utilizing isotropic 3D targeting, and reducing the number of images that equate to a higher radiation exposure level. Learn more here: KBCT Biopsy procedures 

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